World’s First 5G Ready Mobile, Motorola Moto Z3 5G Mobile

Something announced yesterday that make phone lover more energetic and surprised. Motorola announced that Motorola Moto Z3 5G Mobile will support Verizon’s 5G network. Still, now we have the only 4G network of different network providers. Here are so many companies which are testing for the better 5G network in the market. Verizon has tested it successfully with a powerful speed.

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The all new Moto Z3 5G mobile has good screen quality of resolution 2160 X 1080 pixel FHD+ display. The device is loaded with Qualcomm’s  Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB DDR4 RAM. You can store up to 64GB of data in your handset. The user will able to click amazing selfies and photos with mobile’s camera of the 12-megapixel dual rear camera at back and 8-megapixel front facing the camera with 84 degrees of wide angle lens. The device has a better battery capacity of 300 mAh comes with USB type C connectivity. But the thing to get the focus that mobile has no kind of headphone jack on body i.e you have to connect your audio device through a converter dongle. Most probably you will get this connector within you mobile box.

As mentioned, The Z3 will be able to connect to Verizon’s 5G network but you’ll need the 5G Moto Mod to do so. According to PCMag (citing Motorola engineers), the 5G Mod will act like “a data card connected to your phone” meaning it’ll have its own SIM and subscription. No word yet on how Verizon plans to handle the service plan or if you’ll be able to swap it between handsets. The Mod features a Snapdragon X50 modem as well as a built-in 2,000mAh battery.

The Moto Z3 will be available starting August 16 exclusively through Verizon in the US. It’ll set you back $480, or $20 per month for 24 months through Verizon’s device payment plan. The 5G Moto Mod is scheduled to arrive sometime in early 2019, we’re told

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