WhatsApp is Giving $50,000, If Your Idea Will Stop Fake News

So finally we can say that WhatsApp also takes a action to stop fake news forwarding on timelines. Here company is giving you $50,000 that means 34 lakh rupees or £37,800 if you will help company that how to stop these type of fake news.

You know around 25 peoples has been killed due to a rumorus news about them. Someone send their picture in WhatsApp contact and groups to kill them. All these incidents happened in village areas.

The brutal attacks, which began in early May and are often filmed and distributed on social media, have also left dozens of people injured. India’s government says it asked WhatsApp to take “immediate action” to prevent it from being misused to spread rumors leading to lynchings.

Although Indian authorities have stated that there is no truth to the rumors, and that the targeted people are innocent, the brutal attacks have spread across the country.

It did not specify which preventative measures it expected WhatsApp to take.

“While the law and order machinery is taking steps to apprehend the culprits, the abuse of platforms like WhatsApp for repeated circulation of such provocative content are equally a matter of deep concern,” the ministry said.

But if we look deeply into the matter we will get to see that this is fault of India’s people instead of WhatsApp. Company is just providing you a platform to connect all around the world. But some peoples missusing it. So guys I want to suggest you that don’t do this and don’t forward any type of message which lead to this problem.

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