Top 3 Reasons To Love & Hate Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Not everything is perfect, even for mobiles too. Last week Samsung launched its new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Here we gonna tell you about the 3 things that you may hate and love in Galaxy Note 9, One can say Pros and Cons of Galaxy Note 9.

3 Things To Love in Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy S Pen

S Pen

The all-new S Pen has various new features that can make your day better. With the help of a pen, one can click pictures. The user can connect it through Bluetooth. The pen will get automatically charge when you put it into pen slot. Samsung made an announcement during the launch that it will be more helpful with the 3rd party. So we can assume that in some days third-party app will make it more special.


Massive Battery

Still, there is a lot of thought in people’s mind about the battery of Samsung devices, may you know what I am talking about, Galaxy Note 8. This time Samsung give a clear notice that Note 9′ s battery will be powerful and has potential to take the load of every work you wanna do. The device has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. You can charge it wirelessly and it supports quick charging.

Display Screen

Note 9 having an OLED display panel that means the user will get a super clean cut edges graphics quality in mobile. The Note 9 is plenty bright, too, registering 604 nits when we measured it with a light meter. Get the Note 9, and you’ll wind up with a display that’s a pleasure to look at.


3 Things to Hate in Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 Official Walpaper

High Price Tag

No doubt that everyone loves to use a bigger display mobile with latest updates. But with their high price tag, more than half customer don’t buy these type of mobile. Note 9 also include in this list. The customer can buy it for $999. If we talk about other mobiles that are giving the same features under the price of Note 9. Here we have One Plus 6, which is less than the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.



No doubt that Note has Snapdragon 845 and massive RAM. The company said that speed will be boosted after the release of more updates. But as we all know that some the mobiles are here that are running of Snapdragon 845 processor and giving some low-performance signs. Maybe we will get to see some signs of low performance in coming days in Galaxy Note 9.



Note 9 has launched with Android Oreo. Before the launch of Note 9, Google launched its new Android version Android Pie 9.0. Coming to this point the company said that Note 9 user will get Android P through OTA update soon. The Note 9 has an LTE modem inside — fast, sure, but not capable of benefiting from the promised 5G rollout.


So these are the things that are in the list of Pros and Cons of Galaxy Note 9. If you are not having issues regarding the things that we have mentioned in the list of Hate, then go for this amazing device. Hope you like our post. For more updates tap on the bell icon at left down in your screen to get notifications of articles which we upload daily.


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