See Behind Wall using WiFi & AI

Now you can see through walls using your WiFi and some AI technology. So now you can call yourself a Sci-Fi person.

The device is made by a group of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). The device through which you can across the wall is made with the help of RF transmitter and receiving antennas, not new. What is new is the use of neural networks to better decipher what’s received on those antennas. The neural networks spit out pose estimations of where people’s heads, shoulders, elbows, and other body parts are, and a little further processing turns that into skeletal figures.

The most interesting, or perhaps scariest way was to see if it could tell who the skeletal figures were by using the fact that each person walks with their own style. They first trained another neural network to recognize the styles of different people. They then pass the pose estimation output to this style-recognizing neural network and it correctly guessed the people with 83% accuracy both when they were visible and when they were behind walls. This means they not only have a good idea of what a person is doing, but also of who the person is.

Check out the video below to see some pretty impressive side-by-side comparisons of live action and skeletal versions doing all sorts of things under various conditions. It looks like the science fiction future in Total Recall has gotten one step closer.

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