Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10, Release Date

Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X

According to prolific leak source Ice universe, is the Galaxy X. The long-awaited foldable phone, if it is indeed that, is going to be revealed in full in January at CES 2019. Given the novelty, it may be shown off as a prototype. It does not imply Samsung will be selling it en masse and when it might do so.


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It might not, at least not immediately, if the second part of the leak is correct. Samsung might defer Galaxy X sales, if it will sell it at all, to give way to the Galaxy S10 that will be announced at MWC 2019. That would be Samsung’s tenth anniversary S model, though the “X” in Galaxy X almost hints it will be doing an Apple next year.

Of course, it’s pretty much conjecture at this point. The Galaxy S10 is, of course, expected sometime between CES and MWC anyway, though the planned arrival of the Galaxy X pushed it to the later date. Samsung’s foldable smartphone is rumored to start production in the last quarter of the year, giving a bit of credence to this timeline.


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