Razer Phone 2 Official Launch Live Event, Gaming Mobile

Last time we discussed that Razer Phone 2 will launch soon. Those reports get into real and Razer Phone 2 is coming next month.

Still, now there is no mobile that is so powerful than Razer Phone in gaming mobile series. I believe that this mobile too will bring some more potential to gaming mobiles.

There is a photo that was uploaded on the official website of Razer as well as on SlashGear also. They have blurred some parts of the photo that contains the place of the event. But there is a line that is written by Razer is Save the Date.

Razer Phone 2 Event PosterRazer Phone 2 Walpaper Razer Phone 2 Event Poster

Razer delivered the only smartphone on the market with a display with a 120Hz refresh rate – and they’re STILL the only ones to have such a phone, almost a year later. We have covered Razer Phone which is beast in gaming mobile series.

The event will begin at 6:30 PM (Pacific Time) on the 10th of October 2018. There’ll be an hour-long presentation with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Be there (virtually) or be square, we’ll have all the details and as much up-close and personal action as we can muster here on India Gizmo.

Tell us about your experience with gaming mobiles or any feature that you expecting in upcoming Razer Phone 2 in the comment section below. Hope you like our post. For more updates tap on the bell icon at left down in your screen to get notifications of articles which we upload daily.


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