Racing Games, A Raising Genre In Market

Yes, no doubt that these days survival games are on fire, but we should take a look at some other genre too. Last month there were many racing games announed and released. These games was Wreckfest, Danger Zone 2, and Onrush. These recent games aim for the platonic idea of cars many of us had as children. Fast, smashy, and bright.

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Racing Games



WreckFest Cover

Wreckfest a racing game for Xbox, PS4, and PC also. It’s a standard normal racing game where you run laps, but the attitude is decidedly unprofessional. Its cars sway around corners and crunch against each other with dramatic results. This is a game that respects cars as pieces of machinery but still embraces the fantasy of being a ringer at some strange, Truckasarus attraction. Tracks go from semi-pro, near Busch League raceways gleaming in the sunlight to dirty-ass run-down tracks meant for go-karts.



Onrush Cover Page

A racing game can also give up all attempts at simulating reality. Onrush for PC, PS4, Xbox One does that, dropping neon painted cars into strange Mad Maxian race courses. The game plays like a mescaline-fueled Hot Wheels session but draws in the team-play of online shooters. You never come in first place in Onrush. Instead, your team accrues points for nearly every action you perform. Stay in the lead? Get points? Knock someone off the course? Get even more points. You zip around courses using different classes of cars that have special effects. Some are more likely to land on enemies after a jump, others leave behind extra boosts for teammates.


Danger Zone 2

Danger Zone 2 Gameplay

Danger Zone 2  for PC, PS4, and Xbox One fill the niche nicely. This is a game with a pedigree. It was developed by Three Fields Entertainment, which was founded by many of the folks who worked on Burnout. It takes that series’ popular crash mode — the goal of which is, shockingly, to crash stuff — and challenges the player to create as much carnage as possible in each level. Players need to drive to a “danger zone” where the crash happens and can knock other cars around on the journey. This grants them the ability to cause massive explosions that send cars tumbling. Damn, it feels great.


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