PUBG Game Earning, Sold Units, Number Of Players & More

Player’s Unknown Battleground is the third highest earning game on Steam this year across all platforms. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached yet another sales milestone, and the developers are celebrating with the game’s first Steam sale. The game has sold 80 million units worldwide across PC and Xbox, and the player numbers are up to 500 million once you factor in the free mobile edition. All told, PUBG Corp says it’s got 93 million daily active users across all platforms.

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The all-time peak player count for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is 8,246,934, a figure it reached in mid-June, far above those of its biggest competitors on Steam: Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As of today, its 24-hour peak sits at 2,216,978, less than half of what it was three months ago, according to Steam Charts.

PUBG Game Earning

As of report of February 2018 from Steam, PUBG was earned about $103 million and counting goes on. If we talk about the new report it says that the company has earned about $800 million till now.

Here are so many games that same as PUBG are Fortnite (Free), CS: GO (Paid), Dota 2, and etc. But if we think about PUBG vs Fortnite which you should play? Let us know your playing experience with both or with one of these in the comment section below. No doubt that PUBG is increasing its Users day by day.

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