PlayStation 5 Coming Next Year, Expert’s Report

It seems to be that we will get to see PlayStation 5 until 2021 according to Sony’s CEO John Kodera. Some words said by the expert of the company that new console will be delivered to your doorstep very soon than you think.

Tech news site T3 says that Sony is looking to get in ahead of the Xbox Two, codenamed ‘Xbox Scarlett’, by releasing the PS5 as soon as Christmas 2019.

Michael Pachter posted about this news firstly. He is the world’s foremost gaming tester and analyst that have so many clues and knowledge about the leaks of gaming industries. He has predicted so many launches and releases that happened on that day or around that day. He made a prediction that PlayStation 5 may launch near about Christmas 2019.

In a recent report, Yasuda said he believes that “the introduction of the PS5 will be at the end of 2019”.

Back in May, Kadera stated that Sony needed to “depart from the traditional way of looking at the console life cycle and that it needed to “crouch down” for a while in order to “jump higher in the future.” It’s looking far more likely that they’ll pounce.

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