Nubia X vs Vivo NEX 2, Best Dual Screen Mobile 2019

These days mobile companies are focusing on some new features in mobile like notch less screen, under display fingerprint sensor, under display camera and dual screen too. Recently Nubia has launched its new mobile Nubia X with dual screen mobile. Vivo is also getting into this race by launching its new mobile Vivo NEX 2. So here we will check out Nubia X vs Vivo NEX 2, The Best Dual Screen Mobile 2019.

Nubia X vs Vivo NEX 2


Vivo NEX 2 has dual-core Snapdragon 845 processor, while Nubia X is loaded with octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor in it.



Nubia X has a primary screen of 6.26-inch, where Vivo NEX 2 has a 6.39-inch screen. Moving on to secondary display we have 5.1-inch back display in Nubia X, while in Vivo NEX 2 we have a 5.49-inch display at the back side of the mobile.


Vivo has installed 10GB of RAM in Vivo NEX 2, while in Nubia X there is a RAM of 8GB.



The user can store up to 128GB in Vivo NEX 2. Nubia X has storage of 256GB of internal storage.



Coming to optics there are dual rear cameras in Nubia X, while in Vivo NEX 2 there are three cameras. So it will not be fair to do the comparison but as for you, we will mention their specifications. Vivo NEX 2 has three cameras lens of 12MP each and Nubia X has 16MP + 24MP dual cameras.


Nubia X has a battery capacity of 3,800mAh and Vivo NEX 2 has 3,500mAh. Both of them supports quick charging.



If we talk about prices of both mobile, Nubia X has different price according to different mobile variants. For 8GB + 128GB of storage you have to pay $544 (INRĀ 39,146) and for Vivo NEX 2 $725 (INR 52189).

So this was a quick comparison of these two dual-screen mobiles, Nubia X vs Vivo NEX 2 Best Dual Screen Mobile 2019. What do you think about this comparison? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates stay tuned to IndiaGizmo, if you are new here then tap on the bell icon to receive notifications of new posts that we upload daily.



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