Huawei Foldable Mobile, World’s First Folding Mobile

Maybe or not, but it seems that Huawei will beat Samsung in Mobile’s market for upcoming 3-4 years. Here is a report which was published in Nikkei, which claims that Huawei all set for a new upcoming Huawei foldable mobile. The company has aimed to beat Samsung’s Galaxy X. Galaxy X will be a foldable mobile according to leaks and reports.

Huawei Foldable Mobile

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Quoting a person “familiar with Huawei’s plan”, the report states that:

“Huawei’s planned volume [for its foldable phone] could be limited to some 20,000 to 30,000 units, or even less, for a small group of first-wave adopters. The effort is mainly to demonstrate its technological capability and to attract the industry’s attention and media coverage.”

Huawei foldable mobile

What’s more, the report also includes commentary from an analyst at Yuanta Investment Consulting Jeff Pu, who notes that the Huawei foldable will hit the market in “very early 2019”, before clarifying the Chinese maker’s position:

“[Huawei] wants to be the first in the industry even if the display technology from its panel supplier might not be that ready like Samsung.”

Where this leaves the race to produce the best folding phone is still unclear right now, as there are so many makers in the race. However, this report seems to indicate that Huawei is neck-and-neck with Samsung for pole position.

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