Hackers In PUBG, Flying Cars In Game

Hackers in PUBG.

We know that PUBG is the most played game in this year, no doubt. But where there is a huge population there will be a virus. Even PUBG is not safe. Some of the best youtube streamers notice kind of activity that proves that player is a Hacker so one can say Hackers in PUBG.

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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a very popular PUBG player and streamer on youtube. He has good shooting skills and better game control. Last day he was playing with a hacker on his team. When viewers noticed that player is a hacker they made that video recorded and make viral on social communities as well as PUBG communities.

What Did They notice?

There was two of the streamer on that live video, and one was a hacker which was not a member of their squad. The hacker flies cars around, using them to create makeshift barricades inside houses. Later, the hacker helps the pair of streamers by shuttling them through the air towards the next play zone. At one point, the hacker stops at a house and informs them that a player is inside. Shroud enters and kills the player. “I actually sell these cheats for a living,” the hacker says before Shroud quickly shushes them. The pair flies off in the hacker’s car. Shroud jumps out over a river but dies upon impact with the water.

The viewers take some clips of that video, and now the live stream is not available on youtube. PUBG has always struggled with hackers that jump into games to mess with legitimate players and show off their cheats to prospective buyers. The game uses an anti-cheat system called BattlEye, which was first used in 2004’s Battlefield Vietnam.

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