Fix PUBG Problem, PUBG Official Bugs Fixing Website

Player Unknown Battle Playground has the ton of players and still increasing minute by minute. By increasing the number of player every day, bugs are also increasing. Every player on the board has issued regarding optimization of PUBG. So listening to all these things PUBG’s employee launched a website called Fix PUBg which gonna collect all the fixes from all over the world regarding the game.

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The site is built around a roadmap that shows exactly what areas of improvement the development team is looking at, and when players can expect something to get better. Or at least get fixed.

How to fix PUBG Lag Problem

It’s a funny site at first glance, but in presenting what’s normally behind-the-scenes timetabling as public information, it’s also an interesting look at just how much shit a developer has to constantly be juggling behind the scenes for an online game.

You can check it out here.

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