Facebook Apps Go Dark, Google Birthday 2018, Mercedes’s Electric Car

Here we have come with some new news for daily tech news. So without taking much time, let’s start out today’s tech talk. Google Birthday 2018, Facebook Apps Go Dark, Mercedes Electric Car.


Facebook Apps Go Dark

On Monday Facebook apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger go dark. This error happened in only some content in the world. The report said that it happened due to some ping problem on Facebook and it’s other apps.

Electric Car

Here is a car company that prepared to take down the car company Telsa in the race of electric car. Mercedes has launched its new electric car at a conference. The company did a test. After test according to report people can drive the car up to 310 miles in a single charge of a car’s battery. This digit is slightly more than the Tesla’s electric car.

Google Birthday 2018

Today is a very great day in the history of the internet. It’s Google 20th Birthday. In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a search engine named Goggle and later on it named as Google. Here Google is celebrating its 20th Birthday.

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