Dark Mode in WhatsApp Coming Next Month, WhatsApp Update

Still now almost every platform testing for the dark mode in their application. Somewhere in the list, we get to see that WhatsApp is preparing for Dark Mode in WhatsApp. It is also known as night mode in further applications.

Most of the people use social network when they go to bed in the night. No matter that is your screen’s brightness at the minimum level, still your eyes will feel chunky. It is very dangerous for our eyes to use the mobile late night.


There is a website WABetaInfo that upload almost every WhatsApp’s new feature before the company reveals it publicly. Page did tweet, you can see below.


As such, though there’s no guarantee that the feature will ever actually roll out, there’s hope. We’ll be keeping tabs on the situation, and will let you know if we spot any further encouraging signs.

There is a matter that is still under discussion. WhatsApp and Google still discussing that people don’t want to fill their precious storage space of Google Drive with their WhatsApp backup files.  If you don’t want to lose your valuable data, then don’t forget to do a backup before November 12.

WhatsApp said that there will be no end-to-end encryption of backup data in your Google Drive.

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