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Best Money Making Apps 2018, Top 5 Apps

Everyone wanna make money out of shit, but they don’t know to how to make that. Some apps on PlayStore can give you money but not in real cash. They provide you gift coupon for different platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and etc.

Here we have a list of Top 5 Apps which are Best Money Making Apps 2018. So let’s start our list and money making too. Through these apps, you can make thousands of dollars in a month.



It is an application which has the bond with many grocery stores and social sites worldwide. By using this app regularly you can make 100 of dollars in a day or in a month depending on your hard work.

By signing up in the app you will get $10 is starting. On each referral, you will get $5  when they use app first time.



By name, we can say that it will track your shopping details. It a partner of Amazon Shopping Website which tracks your shopping on Amazon. You can earn money through this app by doing a survey. You will be asked for a survey in last of every month and you will get $3 for each survey.

You will get $4 by signing up in a new account and make a purchase in Amazon.

It takes the 2nd number on the list of Best Money Making Apps 2018 because of its earn quality and offers.



Shopkick is another receipt scanning app, but you also earn by scanning items in a store. You can earn around 10 to 50 points just by scanning items and walk into stores – no purchases necessary.

When you buy certain items online and in store, you’ll earn even more points. You can start cashing out for $2.00 gift cards for only 500 points. Get a bonus of 250 kicks when you sign-up as a new user.


Pinecone Research

It’s a marketing app which keeps eyes on your demographic view and provides you with a survey which matches your view. It is a very reputable company. They pay $3.00 per survey, and each one takes about 10 to 15 minutes.



Another known app which helps you to make money in easy steps. You can earn money by watching videos and ads in applications. The signup bonus for Swagbucks changes a lot. Most recently, the bonus was $10 that you received once you completed certain tasks. I’ve seen users mention signup bonuses around $0.50, so your mileage may vary.

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