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Best Apps For Online College Students, Top 5 Apps 2018

Collages gonna start and you might be thinking about your courses and timetable. We know that there will be lots of confusion about different activities you gonna do in your college time. Don’t worry buddy, here we have a list of some best apps for online college students which will help you in your new study journey and a new session. Remeber that our lists in decreasing order of best apps, you will find best at the bottom, but I should recommend you to start from the beginning.

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Best Apps For Online College Students


5. Unstuck

Unstuck, Best Apps For Online College Students

An application which will help you to get out of some personal problems like mood off, not feeling well and etc. Don’t think in that way. App has some cards on the screen, you have to select cards that how are you feeling now. After selecting cards proceed and it will show some results which will help you to not to get stuck in useless problems.



4. Scanner Mini

Scanenr Mini, Best Apps For Online College Students

Not always you write your own notes. Sometimes it needs to have a break (can say bunk) from boring classes. Then you miss your notes and not everyone loves to write the ton of lines in a notebook. So you will scan or take photos of all the notes which your friend made. You can share your data with other via wifi connection.

3. Grid

Grid, Best Apps For Online College Students

Grid by Binary Thumb changes the cloud-based spreadsheet game by ditching the formulas and allowing you to add not just text and numeric values but images as well — and from a mobile device. You can organize your content in whatever layout suits you best. Grid is great for prototyping a term paper that has visual elements, structuring your study tasks, or organizing personal events.

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2. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation, Best Apps For Online College Students

As I mentioned above that sometimes you bunk or sometimes you don’t write notes. So either you can scan notes of other’s or if you are in class and not want to write notes, you can record them. Voice recognition software Dragon Dictation has been around for several years, but the mobile apps from Nuance are relatively new. Since being an online student might mean juggling other responsibilities (such as a family, a job, etc.), time is often at a premium. Dragon Dictation not only saves you time by allowing you to recite your notes, but you could potentially do other small tasks simultaneously.

1. Todoist

Todoist, Best Apps For Online College Students

There are tons of to-do apps available but Todoist one of the more versatile of the bunch. As it also functions as a bookmarker for Web sites, it doubles as a great research tool. Even better, if you’re studying with a classmate, you can share tasks or entire projects. Use it also as a reminder for assignments. Tasks can be organized in four levels of projects and tasks, dragged and dropped between levels, and sports labels and recurring dates.

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