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Best Android Games For Android 2018

So we again come back with a new list that will help you to find out the Best Android Games For Android 2018. In this list, we will talk about Top 10 Games which are now grossing on Google Play Store.

So without any late let’s get started.

Best Android Games For Android 2018


1. Ludo King

It takes number 1 position in our list, and it is valuable game. You can play this game with your friends online as well as offline too. This is a multiplayer game.


2. Mountain Car Drive

We have this epic game on number 2. The game is all about a car which you have to drive on hills and climbs. Complete missions and checkpoint for better gifts.

3. Rise Up

You will have a ballon on your screen, you have to just slide your fingers left and right to save your ballon from objects. It seems to be easy but not like that. I tried this game and my highest score is 467 ever. Play this game and tell your best score in the comment section below.


4. Temple Run 2

An evergreen game which is one of the best game from 3-4 years. You all will better know about his game. The game still manages the 4th position in the top list of games on Google Play.


5. Subway Surfers

So now you can think what a child can do. He can jump long and fly in the sky with a jetpack. Don’t try this at home.


6. Bike Racing 2018

A bike racing game is here. Players who love to ride a bike on hills, road, off-road and in streets can play this game. This game got 6th position in the list of Best Android Games For Android 2018.


7. Candy Crush Saga

Crush your candy collection and get a chance to see a beautiful burst of candies. This one is my favorite, but still, I crossed only 750+levels in this game. How much you crossed? Tell us in the comment section below.


8. Bus Racing: Hill Climb

The game has good graphics and control settings. You will feel that you are driving a real bus. Download this game for a better experience.


9. Racing In Car 2

Here we got another game in racing categories. The game holds 9th position in the list.


10. Dr. Driving

One of the most popular game in the world. Dr. Driving you will never feel that you are playing a game. You just think that you are sitting in a car and driving it. I think it seems more like a Driving School than a game, is it?


So guys here we end our list of Best Games For Android 2018. Hope you like our post. For more updates tap on the bell icon at left down in your screen to get notifications of articles which we upload daily.


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