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Best Android Games 2018, BETA PUBG to FRACTER

We back again with a brand new list of Best Android Games 2018. Rounding up all games from BETA PUBG to FRACTER we have a big list of games. So let’s begin our new journey of Best Android Games 2018.

Best Android Games 2018



After a great performance of PUBG mobile, it comes with a new BETA version where you can get some features before going publicly. You can apply for the BETA programme version in your Google Play Store or click on the link given below. In BETA version players can change their clothes during combat. New guns are added in the game. Performance is increased and you will be able to see some optimization in the game.

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It is a puzzle monochromatic game with a good tragedy level. Your job is to restore the light to the bleak world that makes up Fracter. To do this, you will have to traverse many stages as you solve one puzzle after another. Just make sure you go about this carefully, as there are plenty of scary creatures that would like to stop you dead in your tracks.

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The Walking Dead: Our World

After Pokemon Go, it seems that augmented reality games have set up their own market. In the future, they will get some new features and updates. Today we have another augmented reality game which is The Walking Dead: Our World. So instead of tracking down cute little creatures that you will enslave as your muscle, you will be tasked with tracking down zombies that deserve a bullet to the head. The more you kill, the more equipment and upgrades you can afford.

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Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal

Here we have another gamebook genre’s game for Android Fighting Fantasy. The game is very good and you can download it by going to the link below.

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Portal Drop

It is a tricky arcade game which is new at Gooogle Play Game. Your job is to remove the block from your hexagon by tapping on them one by one. The thing is, you want your hexagon to fall into the many portals scattered on the side of the column of blocks you are systematically removing. This takes a lot of careful planning if you want to fall into every portal you see, but it’s also what makes the game so fun.

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Dawn Break- Origin

Another game in the fighting genre. It is only about the 6-week old game. It’s an action RPG, and unlike the majority of free-to-play options in this genre, you can actually play offline. There is, of course, a strong anime aesthetic, so make sure that you expect a little fan service to be mixed in.

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Just like 90’s race game in a small LCD screen. Here a sequel of that game. While you will still want to race as far as you possibly can, instead of avoiding enemies, you are going to want to smack right into them. The more cars you push off the road, the better.

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Minion Wire


Another tricky game in the list. Your task is to create the longest line possible by connecting one blob to the next. The thing is you have to do this while avoiding the rotating spikes on those blobs. If you are too eager and pull the trigger too early, you’ll wind up hitting those spikes and losing half of your life.

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Rock Of Destruction


The game is released by VooDoo, the game contains some low-quality ads but the gameplay is better and worth playing. These factors can make it down in the market.

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Uncharted Ocean

Ultimately you will want to build up your fleet of ships as you explore and chart the seas. But you have to be careful as you go about your day to day as there are plenty of pirates out there who would like to plunder your loot.

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