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Best Android Apps To Optimize Internet Speed

Best Android Apps To Optimize Internet Speed


These days one can live without food but can’t without the internet. But can you survive with a low-speed internet connection? Always No, after usage of the 4G network. So guys here we have a list of Best Android Apps To Optimize Internet Speed, Top 5 Apps are here.


1. Connection Stabilizer Booster

The app is free but you can purchase it’s pro version too for a better experience. If you have bad network coverage in your area then you can use this application to optimize your network.


2. Network Signal Speed Booster

This app helps you increase your connection speed, it can increase about 500-600kbps. If you have a better connection you can get an increase up to 1-2mpbs also.

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3. Internet Booster and Optimizer

This application gets 2nd rank in Wifi booster apps in 2017. Still, it is in the Top 5. So you can go with this app to check your connection speed and optimize it.


4. Open Signal

The good thing about this toolkit is it provides a map of cell towers nearby your area. It thus requires data from your cellular device but it does help you report for bugs and contact developers directly. The app is available for iOS as well as Android also.

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5. WiFi Analyzer

It will analyze all the wifi signals in your local. The application will help you to find out better wifi connection from a bunch of networks. You can check this app and try your local area networks.


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